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New York Jets at Miami Dolphins: What to Watch For

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After demolishing the Oakland Raiders at home, the Miami Dolphins hope to stay on a winning streak against their rivals, the New York Jets.

We've had some great games against the Jets the past couple of years. Who doesn't remember in 08' when we beat them to advance to the playoffs. Who doesn't remember Ted Ginn's special teams performance in 09'. And last year, keeping them out of the playoffs in the final regular season game. So many good and bad memoreis these past four years.

To add to the fire, former head coach, Tony Sparano, is coming back to Miami as the Jets offensive coordinator.

This will no doubt be another exciting game and I'm am looking forward to it.

Here's some things you should be watching for during the game.


Ryan Tannehill (aka the "Tannchise") - Coming off a turnover plaqued game against the Texans, Tannehill showed why he was a first round pick against the Oakland Raiders. Everyone knew Tannehill was athletic and could run the ball and roll out alot. As many scouts reported prior to the draft, Tannehill threw better on the run. On Sunday, Tannehill displayed just that. He rolled out and was fairly accurate with his throws. He threw a his first touchdown to Anthony Fasano and also rushed for his first touchdown.

Against the New York Jets on Sunday, Tannehill is going to have to be alert. The Jets Defense is going to be a great test for Tannehill. He'll be rolling out alot and if Darelle Revis isn't playing, the connection between Brian Hartline and Tannehill will continue. I think Tannehill is a perfect game manager at the moment, but will he take the next step and become a franchise quarterback?

Jonathan Martin - the offensive line last week allowed our running backs to run all over the place. One of Reggie Bush's touchdown runs came off the right side where Martin had a nice block, as did the enitre team. The Jets defense will be a good test for Martin. They love to pressure the quarterback. Martin is talented and smart enough to figure out how to slow down this pass rush.

Those two are the rookies I'm looking will contribute the most. The Jets are a great team to judge where these two are at progress wise. Can Martin pick up the blitz? Can Tannehill make the right calls at the line?

Kheeston Randall - has been a solid pick. He's been filling in for Randy Starks or Paul Soliai and has impressed alot of people.

Lamar Miller - Daniel Thomas is supposed to return. If Miller is active it will be interesting to see how the coaching staff gets this promising rookie some touches.

Olivier Vernon - hasn't flashed much, but is playing well enough as a reserve. Could play a key role in stopping the run and hopefully sacking Mark Sanchez.

Rishard Matthews - if you haven't noticed by now, I have a man crush on Matthews. I've seen enough of Legedu Naanee. Get this guy some playing time!

Michael Egnew - will he be active this game? doubt it. If he is, good for him. As I've stated before about Egnew, he's going to have to make the most of his playing time.


Run Reggie Run! Reggie Bush certainly did against the Raiders earning him AFC Offensive Player of the Week. The Raiders game planned to exhaust Bush and hit him. It worked in the first half, but Bush exploded in the second half. His first touchdown was a beauty, breaking 4 tackles. Reggie was actually supposed to run inside but had enough instincts to go to the outside and make a play. His second touchdown was just pure speed. Soon as Bush turned the corner he was gone. I was actually surprised the Raider defensive backs caught up to him near the goal line.

This weekend, you can bet the Jets main concern is Reggie. Bush can take anything to the house, anytime, anywhere. He also had a nice catch and run to help keep the Dolphins in possesion near the end of the 4th quarter.

As I said, the Jets are going to look to keep Reggie from making plays. A quarterback is helped by his run game. If we can pound the ball, Tannehill will find success with play action passes and his rollouts.

I see another 100 yard game for Reggie. He looks unstoppable at the moment. If he keeps this up, he will lead the league in rushing. He'll have to get involved in the pass game some more too. PAY DA MAN!


The Dolphins boast a poweful defensive line, maybe even the best in the league.

Paul Soliai and Randy Starks complement each other well. They both have the power to dominate whoever they are up against and quickly cause havoc in the run game or pressure the quarterback. Starks is more athletic and is more of a pass rusher, but plays the run well too. Soliai takes on two blockers and makes it look easy. These two will be instrumental in stopping the Jets running backs.

On the outside we have Cameron Wake and Jared Odrick. Wake has been held without a sack, but he's come very close to taking down the quarterback. The pressure is helping the secondary adjust and knock down some throws or just force the quarterback to make a bad decision.

Jared Odrick hasn't played at the level I would like him to. He's like Kendall Langford, he's...just there. I want to see some Pee-Wee celebrations soon.

Wake and Odrick will have to provide the pressure to make Sanchez look like a deer in headlights. Sanchez is one of the most inconsistent quarterbacks in the league. Had that great game against Buffalo and flopped against the Steelers. If you want to be the face of the franchise you got to keep your team in games. Take note Tannehill.


Ugh. That's how I feel talking about these guys.

Kevin Coyle was named defensive coordinator for this reason. He had a history of turning rejects into star players in Cincinnati. I'll admit Coyle is a smart man who knows what he's doing. It's not his fault his secondary guys aren't making plays.

Sean Smith, your buddy Vontae Davis is gone and is doing crap in Indianapolis. You've started more games than him and he still has more interceptions than you. Get your act together and shut your mouth untill you start making some plays.

Ok enough anger at Smith. He's a talented young man and needs to be more aware during the play. I'm still have high expectations for Sean. But if he doesn't start performing, like the coaching staff wants him to, then expect us to invest in a talented corner in the draft.

Richard Marshall entered camp as the other starter. He earned it, but he's not showing it on the field.

Reshad Jones had an interception agaisnt the Raiders, but it was during desperation time for the Raiders.

Chris Clemons took some very bad angles against the Raiders and still hasn't flashed anything.

These four guys need to start getting better. The front four are providing the pressure. Make a play and help your team out this weekend. COMMUNICATE!


The offensive line has been my biggest surprise so far. They looked so sloppy during the preseason, but wow, they got their act together.

Mike Pouncey is earning alot of praise around the league. But most importantly is he's earning praise from his coaches. He's athletic enough to make some blocks down the field on run plays. The guy is going to be a beast in the NFL.

At the guard positions we have, Richie Incognito and John Jerry. Both guards have played solid. Jerry was on the bubble in training camp and is playing at a high level creating great run lanes. Incognito is solid all around although I wish he could just be a little more athletic for pulling off the line. The same goes for Jerry.

At the tackles we have Jake Long and Jonathan Martin. I've already talked about Martin (see above). I've been disappointed with Long so far. He's letting guys get passed him and has had some penelties. Maybe he's still hurting from that injury near the end of training camp. He just doesn't look like the dominant player he's been for us since we drafted him.

Jim Turner has done a phenominal job coaching these guys. The offensive line will have to get good push against the Jets defensive line to allow our running backs to make some plays. Tannehill will need time to throw if we can't get the run game going. Teams are eventually going to take his rollout away and force him to throw from the pocket.


Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill got their first victories as home against the Raiders. The weather got hot around the 2nd half and the Raiders black jerseys did not help. More fans should start showing up for the games and create some noise for their team.

I see a victory this week and us silencing some doubters.

Feel free to discuss below what you will be watching for during the game on Sunday.