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NFL Week 3 Picks from the Phinsider and SB Nation

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Thursday night football kicks off again tonight, with the New York Giants taking on the Carolina Panthers. With that game just a few hours away, it's time to take a look back at the Phinsider picks from last week, and make our choices for this week.

SB Nation, Kdog92, and BSerious72 all went 10&6 last week, with Texascowpunk a game back at 9&7. I brought up the rear this week, going 8&8.

SB Nation currently leads the overall by one game over Kdog92.

On to this week's picks:

SB Nation's Joel Thorman's picks are below, but you can also read why he made those picks by heading over to his article.

SB Nation Kevin Texascowpunk Kdog92 BSerious72

Last Week 10&6 8&8 9&7 10&6 10&6
Overall 18&14 15&17 16&16 17&15 16&16
Giants at Panthers Car_logo_away_2_medium Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium
Buccaneers at Cowboys Dal_logo_medium Dal_logo_medium Dal_logo_medium Dal_logo_medium Dal_logo_medium
Jaguars at Colts Ind_logo_medium Ind_logo_medium Ind_logo_medium Ind_logo_medium Ind_logo_medium
Bills at Browns Buf_logo_away_2_medium Cle_logo_away_medium Buf_logo_away_2_medium Cle_logo_away_medium
Jets at Dolphins Nyj_logo_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium
Chiefs at Saints No_logo_medium No_logo_medium No_logo_medium No_logo_medium No_logo_medium
Bengals at Redskins Was_logo_away_medium Cin_logo_medium
Cin_logo_medium Was_logo_away_medium Was_logo_away_medium
Rams at Bears Stl_logo_away_medium
Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium
49ers at Vikings Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium
Lions at Titans Det_logo_away_medium Det_logo_away_medium Det_logo_away_medium Det_logo_away_medium Det_logo_away_medium
Falcons at Chargers Atl_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium
Sd_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium
Eagles at Cardinals Phi_logo_away_medium Phi_logo_away_medium Phi_logo_away_medium Phi_logo_away_medium Phi_logo_away_medium
Steelers at Raiders Pit_logo_medium Pit_logo_medium Pit_logo_medium Pit_logo_medium Pit_logo_medium
Texans at Broncos Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium
Hou_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium
Patriots at Ravens Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium
Packers at Seahawks Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium