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2012 Miami Dolphins Schedule SB Nation Style

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The 2012 NFL regular season starts this week, with the Miami Dolphins facing the Houston Texans one week from today. Throughout the season, discussions, questions and answers, and plain trash talking across the network is one of the great things about the way SB Nation is setup. But, most of the NFL blogs have moved to having a 24 hours delay from the time you sign up for their blog to the time you can start posting. The idea is to prevent spam from being able to sign up for the site and immediately flood the network.

But, it does cause an inconvenience for blog members trying to join that week's opponent's blog, to keep a discussion going - or to answer a question posed in a thread. Which is why we are going to try to solve that problem today. Here is the Miami Dolphins' 2012 roster with the SB Nation blogs listed, letting you go now to sign up for the blog, well in advance.

Before we get to the schedule, I do want to remind everyone to please be respectful on all the blogs. We get trolls on here, and we all complain about them, so don't go to another site and become a troll. It's not funny, and it simply gives the Dolphins fan base a bad name with another site.

Okay, on to the schedule

Week Date Game Blog
1 September 9 @ Houston Texans Battle Red Blog
2 September16 Oakland Raiders Silver and Black Pride
3 September 23 New York Jets Gang Green Nation
4 September 30 @ Arizona Cardinals Revenge of the Birds
5 October 7 @ Cincinnati Bengals Cincy Jungle
6 October 14 St. Louis Rams Turf Show Times
8 October 28 @ New York Jets Gang Green Nation
9 November 4 @ Indianapolis Colts Stampede Blue
10 November 11 Tennessee Titans Music City Miracles
11 November 15 @ Buffalo Bills Buffalo Rumblings
12 November 25 Seattle Seahawks Field Gulls
13 December 2 New England Patriots Pats Pulpit
14 December 9 @ San Francisco 49ers Niners Nation
15 December 16 Jacksonville Jaguars Big Cat Country
16 December 23 Buffalo Bills Buffalo Rumblings
17 December 30 @ New England Patriots Pats Pulpit

Feel free to sign up for all the blogs now to get around their 24 hour ban. And, again, please be respectful - now, during the game, and afterwards, no matter what the result.