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SB Nation Fantasy Football Pick 6 Week 2 Standings

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We are now through Week 2 of SB Nation's Pick 6, a fantasy football game. The basic premise of the game is you serve as the general manager of a team of six players, a quarterback, a wide receiver, a running back, a tight end, a kicker, and a flex player (any position except quarterback). You are given $120 to spend, and you have to build your roster inside that salary cap number.

Currently, the Phinsider has 80 players. Here's a look at the top five members from this past weekend:

Rank Member Score
1 walliang 109.9 - Third in all of SB Nation
2 meleechampion 107.2
3 hollywood_89 98.2
4 DocByHand 98.1
5 qdeezy 96.0

Meanwhile, your's truly came in at 69. Here were my horrible picks for Week 2:
Position Player Points
QB Peyton Manning 10.5
WR Brandon Marshall 2.4
RB Kevin Smith 7.0
TE Coby Fleener 1.6
K Nick Folk 4.0
Flex Demaryius Thomas 13.8

This week, we are also offering you a chance to win an autographed copy of "Perfection" signed by the author and Miami legend Bob Griese, simply by signing up for the game. Click here for all of the details, then make sure you sign up.

You think you have what it takes to dominate the leader board? Do you know you are better at this that I am? Then why don't you join? The game is quick, making your player picks takes about 5 minutes, and it's a chance to brag about your team here on the site.

The deadline for Week 3 submissions is Thursday night, before the start of the New York Giants at Carolina Panthers Thursday night contest. Make sure you have joined and submitted your lineup before then.