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Tuesday Night Random Live Thread:Jets Week Edition

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Ah it's that time again. The time of the season when we get to play the first of two games against the team that has become arguably our biggest rival. My question for you is why do you think this is? For years we were thwarted by the Bills as they went to the Superbowl four times during that same period. Of course the karma of not letting Marino get there always caught up to them resulting in four consecutive losses (not to mention the bad luck of running in to the buzz saw that was the Jimmy Johnson led Dallas Cowboys in the 90's for a couple of them).

Then more recently we have had to deal with the Patriots who seem to be in the Superbowl every year or damn near close to it now. All this with the over the top, glam, model type (come on Tom, don't let your wife tell you how to grow your hair) Tom Brady (Alpha still can not look in to his eyes) killing us in many a match up. They also have a coach that dresses like a common hobo and spends all of his spare time trying to cook up new way to cheat. Sure we have had some upset's of them during that time including the famous Wildcat break out game where we seemingly greased up Ronnie Brown before he went all mid-evil on their ...... How are these guys not our biggest rivals? They at the very least should be the guys we are shooting for each season.

Then we have the Jets. Yep the Jets. So the team that has pretty much been a joke since...well this guy was QB. Ha, yeah that drunk guy who was S T R U G G L I N G is the bright spot in their organization. WOW! I for one paid them as a team little if any notice, other then when we would play them each year, until I became a member of this site. We get visits from other blogs member's all the time. Some of them have even become popular regulars on this site. The Jet's fan's by contrast...well you know. Of course there is that QB that they lent us for a year so we could beat them for the Division title in the last game of the season. Excellent!

As usual, as this is an "open" live thread you can discuss anything you wish but as always we ask that you refrain from the discussion of politics and religion. Remember that this thread takes place on the front page so keep your discussions as close to PG as possible. The posting of pic's are allowed by please try and keep them to a maximum of 4 per person. GIF's are not allowed only due to the fact that they slow down the load time for those on a slower connection.

So in your opinion why have the Jets become the biggest rivalry of our team?