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Broncos at Falcons Monday Night Football Live Thread

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The NFL week concludes tonight with the Denver Broncos taking on the Atlanta Falcons. Tonight's game features the continuation of the Peyton Manning watch, as fans and media look to declare Manning "back" after the neck injury that resulted hin him missing the entire 2011 season.

Across from the Broncos will be Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, who seem to be the forgotten team in the NFC South. The division has the up-and-coming Cam Newton led Carolina Panthers, the "Bounty-gate" New Orleans Saints, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are looking to rebuild after last year. Meanwhile, the Falcons look set to win the division, and get no real publicity.

As usual, don't post any pictures in this thread - they only slow it down. And do not request or post links to illegal internet streams of the game (instant temporary ban if you do).

Enjoy the game!