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Raiders at Dolphins: What to Watch For II

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Friday, Kdog brought to you the first of our two part what to watch for this week. Now, it's time for my take on today's game between the Oakland Raiders and the Miami Dolphins. Here are my three key matchups for today.

1. Raiders rushing attack vs. Miami run defense. The Raiders only ran for 45-yards on 20 attempts last week against the San Diego Chargers. The Dolphins, meanwhile, allowed 83-yards to the Houston Texans. The Raiders will be looking to put up a better rushing attack this week, while the Miami defense will be trying to copy last week's success, holding the Texans' Arian Foster to just 79 yards, with a long of 14 yards. Whichever team comes out on top of the rushing battle should be able to control the game.

2.Miami passing game vs. Raiders defense. The Dolphins passing game is going to be a story line all season long, and the development of both quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the wide receivers will be something to watch all year. Last week, the Dolphins had three interceptions, and they cannot afford to have the same thing happen this week. The Raiders allowed 231 yards passing to Philip Rivers, and did not steal one pass from him. They also only sacked Rivers one time. The Dolphins have to have similar success this week if they want to beat the Raiders.

3. Raiders vs. Miami heat. Not the Heat. but the heat. The Raiders will not only be dealing with a short week after having the late Monday night opener. They will not only be dealing with the travel from the west coast to the east coast to play an early afternoon game. The Raiders will also be wearing their black jerseys in the 1pm Eastern heat. How well they are able to deal with all of those factors, especially the heat, could be a huge factor in this game.

What will you be watching today that you feel will be key to this game? Discuss in the comments.