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Miami Dolphins Reasons to Celebrate

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Last week, the Miami Dolphins lost an ugly game to the Houston Texans 30-10. The team turned over the ball four times, and the stat lines at the end of the game were horrible. But, when you look deeper into the game, it actually becomes apparent that there are some good things happening in Miami right now.

The major media markets may not know it, but the Dolphins could be developing into a good team right now. Ryan Tannehill has his first NFL start under his belt, and the experience will make him better in the long run. His biggest problem was throwing the ball into the defensive line, making it too easy for lineman to deflect the ball into the air.

Reggie Bush looked good last week, and should continue to get better as the season progresses. Brian Hartline and Anthony Armstrong showed some flashes during the game, and will get better as the year goes along. Hartline has to get healthy and in game shape, while Armstrong has to get integrated into the offense.

But, the strength of the team is clearly going to be the defense. Miami's defense was able to shut down the Houston offense for most of the game. They weren't really torched at any point, and they were strong against the run. Of course, the 6:30 minutes to end the first half is a problem, but even that can be explained. When your offense turns over the ball on first down three straight drives, the defense is not going ot be able to rest and get ready for the next drive.

While this won't be a killer season for Miami, Week 1 against the Houston Texans shows us that there are reasons to celebrate in Miami.