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SB Nation Fantasy Football Pick 6 Week 1 Standings

Last week, we unveiled SB Nation Pick 6, a fantasy football game. The basic premise of the game is you serve as the general manager of a team of six players, a quarterback, a wide receiver, a running back, a tight end, a kicker, and a flex player (any position except quarterback). You are given $120 to spend, and you have to build your roster inside that salary cap number.

Currently, the Phinsider has 73 players. Here's a look at the top five members from this past weekend:

Rank Member Score
1 Millz 2203 89.8
2 Ted_S 87.1
3 dolphin71 85.3
4 dgirtman 83.0
5 OHFinsFan 77.7

Meanwhile, your's truly came in at 22. Here were my mediocre picks for Week 1:

Position Player Price Points
QB Tom Brady $53.00 17.5
WR Calvin Johnson $54.25 11.1
RB Chris Johnson $0.50 5.1
TE Coby Fleener $8.75 8.2
K Nick Folk $0.50 12.0
Flex Alshon Jeffery $0.50 14.0

You think you have what it takes to dominate the leader board? Do you know you are better at this that I am? Then why don't you join? The game is quick, making your player picks takes about 5 minutes, and it's a chance to brag about your team here on the site.

The deadline for Week 2 submissions is tomorrow night, before the start of the Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Thursday night contest. Make sure you have joined and submitted your lineup before then.