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Miami Dolphins Make Roster Moves, Release Chris Hogan

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Welcome wide receiver Brian Tyms, here with the San Francisco 49ers, to Miami's practice squad.
Welcome wide receiver Brian Tyms, here with the San Francisco 49ers, to Miami's practice squad.

The Miami Dolphins today made several roster transactions. The team, reeling from a 30-10 loss to the Houston Texans in Week 1, are still looking for the right combination of players and chemistry to get the team moving in the right direction.

To that end, the Dolphins waived linebacker Sammy Brown. Brown was on the 53-man roster, but was not an active player for the team's game Sunday afternoon.

As we posted last night, the team has officially signed wide receiver Brian Tyms and defensive tackle Chas Alecxih to the practice squad. Tyms was an undrafted free agent out of Florida A&M University, spending the preseason with the San Francisco 49ers.

Alecxih was a favorite on the Dolphins' season of Hard Knocks this summer. When he was released, general manager Jeff Ireland remarked that the team could look to get him onto the practice squad. A week into the season, and they are doing just that.

On Saturday, the team activated linebacker Jonathan Freeny, giving them one empty spot on the practice squad. With the team signing two players, that meant someone was losing their job. That someone is another fan favorite player, Chris Hogan.

Hard Knocks led Hogan to being known as 7-Eleven after Reggie Bush and some other players called him that. The term was supposed to signify that no matter what, Hogan was always open. After today, Hogan is open to sign with another team.

Interestingly, the Dolphins once again have just 52 players on the roster. This could mean the team is expecting to sign someone else to the roster. Or, it could be Chris Hogan's spot, but the NFL had not reported that transaction yet.

Obviously, the Dolphins are remaining active looking for acorns and, probably, continuing to work the telephones for a trade. Now, we all have to just wait to see what happens next.