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2012 NFL Transactions: Waiver Wire Claims Starting to Roll In

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An hour ago, the NFL waive claim deadline passed, with players being released during yesterday's 53-man roster deadline either being claimed by other teams, or clearing waivers and becoming available for practice squad signing. It will take a few hours to get news on all 700 players who were released yesterday, but the word is starting to come in.

First news is former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Isaako Aaitui, who was claimed by the New York Jets.

Earlier today we posted the rules and eligibility for players to be placed on the practice squad. Essentially, a player who has not been on a team's active roster for more than eight games cannot be placed on the practice squad, and a player may only be on the practice squad for three years.

Join us here, throughout the day as the rest of the waiver wire claims roll in. We will update the post as quickly as we can.



Reports indicate the Philadelphia Eagles have claimed wide receiver B.J. Cunningham.


According to @DavidCanter, Dolphins have claimed CB R.J. Stanford who was waived by the Carolina Panthers. No word yet on who the team will release.

[UPDATE 2:58PM:]