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Former Miami Dolphins Offensive Lineman Vernon Carey Retires

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Former Miami Dolphins offensive tackle and guard Vernon Carey has retired from the game. Carey was originally drafted by the Dolphins in the first round of the 2004 draft. He played college football at the University of Miami.

Carey started 107 games, appearing as a reserve in 14 additional games. Carey spent the majority of his career playing right tackle for the Dolphins, although he was moved to left tackle during the ill-fated 2007 season. Last season, the Dolphins re-signed Carey, in essence cutting his pay, and moved him from tackle to guard, making room for Marc Colombo at right tackle.

The move inside was not as effective as head coach Tony Sparano may have hoped, ultimately being one of the main reasons leading to Sparano's firing. The right side of the offensive line had to be completely rebuilt heading into the 2012 season, and both Carey and Colombo were not brought back to the team. Colombo signed a one day contract with the Dallas Cowboys earlier this offseason and retired. Now, with Carey's retirement, both of the holes in the offensive line are out of the league.

But, Carey is not out of football completely.