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Miami Dolphins Training Camp Scrimmage 8/4/12 - Ryan Tannehill Comments


Earlier today, we brought you Austin Schindel's discussion with HBO Producer Matt Dissinger from Miami Dolphins training camp. Schindel was visiting the Dolphins for their scrimmage at Sun Life Stadium yesterday, and was able to get around and visit with some of the players, as well as get down on the field to take some pictures, which we will be sharing with you throughout the rest of the week.

If you remember, Austin was the winner of last year's contest, run through SB Nation and here on the Phinsider, to become the face of XFINITY's sports social media content. He's a friend of the site, and he provided me with the audio he was able to grab while at the scrimmage.

You can follow Austin on Twitter. He travels all over the country, heading to various sporting events and sites. He gives great commentary on things, and keeps you up to date on what's going on, as well as ways to watch the games.

Austin was able to snag the audio from Ryan Tannehill's meeting with the media after the practice. Once again, he has shared that with all of us here at the Phinsider.