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Miami Dolphins Training Camp Comments from Head Coach Joe Philbin - 8/4/12

Aug. 4, 2012;  Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) runs during a scrimmage at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
Aug. 4, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) runs during a scrimmage at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Once again, Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin met with the media after practice on Sunday, the team's first live scrimmage. Here is the full transcript of his comments, as provided by the team:

(On his evaluation of the three quarterbacks, particularly Ryan Tannehill) - "I thought he (Tannehill) threw a good ball in the first one. We'll take a look at the tape when we get back to the office and see how close it was. (He) threw the ball down the field well. Again, I think he showed good poise. It doesn't look too big for him being in the stadium, coaches on the side, plays coming up from the coordinator upstairs and through that whole communication process. I didn't like one of the balls he threw in the corner down here, but, of course, I was yelling on the touchdown pass, ‘Run, run, run,' and then he threw a touchdown."

(On Tannehill going up against the first-team defense) - "I thought he did well. Again, I thought he looked comfortable. I thought he looked natural out there. It wasn't too big for him. We'll have to look, again, watch the tape a little bit closer. I think he did some good things."

(On if he was sending a message letting Tannehill rip on a play-action pass for his first play) - "A little bit. We just wanted him to feel confident. Again, you have to, we've said all along, you've got to believe in your players. So if this guy is going to be playing for us, he's going to be the future potentially at some point in time or whoever our quarterback is you've got to have faith. If a play is in the plan, it's in the offense, it should be good enough to call and run."

(On the defense today and the pressure they put on the offense, particularly the starting unit) - "I thought it was good. I like our package that we have. (Defensive coordinator) Kevin (Coyle) and his staff have come up with a good plan. It's multiple and it presents a lot of challenging looks. If you don't game plan necessarily, sometimes they can catch you unprepared, but I thought it was good. I thought it was good."

(On the team's progress since the start of training camp) - "I'd like to watch the tape a little bit, but I feel good about just the pace with which we're practicing with, the effort we're getting on a consistent basis. We've had, this is eight challenging practices physically and we haven't had one bad practice so to speak as a whole football team. Certainly, there have been periods where we wished the offense had some better or the defense had done better. Just like yesterday's practice, our offense was real effective in the red zone, but then our defense stepped up and played well in two-minute. I like the way the team is practicing."

(On if there are concerns he has going forward) - "I don't like our (shot-)gun snaps. We've put the ball on the ground a couple times, our center-quarterback exchange. You can't do that in a game and expect to win. I'm very concerned about that, but, overall, I'm pleased with the direction we're heading right now."

(On if there was anybody that stood out today without looking at the practice tape) - "Nothing specific right now. Again, I kind of was just standing out, making sure we had 11 guys out on the field at the right time. One time, we didn't. We'll take a look at the film. Nothing really jumping out at me right yet."

(On if he is concerned that quarterback Matt Moore produced one first down in his first three drives) - "Not really, unless there were some bad decisions or bad throws. We'll take a look, but, again, it's a body of work we're looking at, not necessarily... We rolled guys through. There was no real, each guy got opportunities with the first group. We felt that was important today. We accomplished that. Sometimes, it's hard to get exactly the right snaps based on what happens on the field and so forth, but I thought it was, overall, we got what we were looking to get done."

(On if he is at the point in dividing snaps where he can say one guy will get more than another guy) - "We might do (it). We're going to watch the tape. (We're) going to have a personnel meeting after we all sit down. We're going to watch the tape as a staff. Our coaches are the first guys out of here. They're already on the bus. They're already looking at the tape. They're on their way back right now. We're just going to take a look at it, we're going to meet later after we meet with the players (and) make the corrections from the film and then we'll see where we're at."

(On deciding to start the scrimmage today an hour earlier than previously scheduled) - "As you could tell, we're real experts at the weather. That was my call. Some people wanted to stay over at Davie. That's the great part about being a meteorologist, nobody can second-guess you, you can say, ‘Oh, the clouds came and went.' It was my brilliant decision as you can tell. (It) didn't work out though."