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Miami Dolphins Training Camp Quick Hits - The Wide Receivers Edition

Up until now, I've been trying to bring you a snap shot of everything that was posted on Twitter each day during the Miami Dolphins training camp. Well, today, there was a ton of discussion on the wide receivers, particularly from the Sun Sentinel's Omar Kelly. With that in mind, and the fact that the wide receiver corps in Miami is one of the most talked about, and most lambasted, groupings with the Dolphins, I thought I would focus today's quick hits on the receivers.

Before we get to the tweets, Kelly wrote the following on his blog post from today:

News of the day

Chad Johnson found work on every special teams unit, serving as a kickoff and punt returner, and a flyer on the coverage unit. Johnson field both his punts cleanly, and looked fast on his kickoff return.

Head coach Joe Philbin, who revealed he had skin caner cell removed this summer, had no idea Johnson got involved in special teams work until his son told him after practice.

Who's up?

It's clear Johnson is starting to feel at home in the Dolphins offense. He's routinely flashing the playmaking ability that's made him a six-time Pro Bowler. Johnson owned Jonathan Wade in their battles all day.

Now, on to the tweets: