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Dolphins at Cowboys Second Half Live Thread; Miami Trails 20-6

Just for the record - this guy scares me.
Just for the record - this guy scares me.

The Miami Dolphins visit with the Dallas Cowboys has quickly become exactly what we all expected it to be - a football game between two sets of players who may or may not be cut within the next 48 hours. Miami started the game with their starters, but quickly rotated all of them out of the game, including rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill left the game after the second offensive series. He finished the game 6-for-8 for 41 yards. Both of Tannehill's incompletions can be explained away as well - one was a Legedu Naanee drop while the other was a questionable (read: bad) non-call on what should have been pass interference.

In fact, the non-call was so egregious that the Cowboys commentators even mentioned that they were looking for the flag.

Once the first teams for both clubs were taken out of the game, the contest delved into the sloppy battle you would expect of a scrubs versus scrubs contest.

Although, the star of the game so far is probably kicker Dan Carpenter. Besides the Dolphins' two field goals, "DC$" dove into a pile to recover a fumble on a kickoff.

The second half will be more of the same, with players fighting for the coaches' attention and for a spot on the roster.