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Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks Episode 4 Immediate Reactions

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We're already up to Hard Knocks Episode 4 as the series is starting to wind down. Even before the episode started, a tweet from NFL Films stated that they would show football fans what it's like behind the scenes of a NFL trade between two teams. Other focuses are outlined below:

Stars of the Show:

  • Head Coach Joe Philbin
  • GM Jeff Ireland
  • CB Vontae Davis
  • TE Les Brown

Quick Hits:

  • Show begins talking about the cutting and releasing of players. Tannehill was talking about FB Ryan Mahaffey being cut after talking to him on the phone the night before.
  • G Eric Steinbach's retirement- Coaches talking about his "rigidness" during practice & Philbin mentions his retirement during a press conference. Both Philbin and Ireland seem to love Steinbach's attitude; there is no doubt that if he could still play and if he wanted to that he would be on the team.
  • Pressure is ON for first cuts. Mentioning starters will play majority of third game, for the others it may be their last chance to perform.
  • Philbin meeting with Daniel Thomas on being late for two meetings and improper dress code. This never hit the media or atleast I never heard this before.
  • Philbin starting to get fiesty and calling out players. Is he losing the respect of the players or is his toughness gaining him some?
  • Richie Incognito messing with Egnew. Hacks his Facebook and calls out his fiance'. Harsh!
  • Jarrell Root might be the best team comedian that nobody knows about. Will he make the team?
  • The story of how Chas Alexceh got lost in the Gulf of Mexico on a jet ski. He spent hours in the water and it almost claimed his life.
  • Showing the liabilities of Les Brown; Reshad Jones completely lighting him up in practice. It won't be long now...
  • Players wives' Lauren Tannehill and Jackie Brown being pretty. Cameo from Les Brown's girlfriend, Jamie Lynn Crandall, later in the show as well as Mike Pouncey's main squeeze. Who is your winner in the hottie battle royale?
  • Players sounding off about RT17. I'm sure we found it surprising that Tannehill has zero clue about the divisions in the NFL. Admits he wasn't a big pro fan growing up.
  • Defense continues to be a general disappointment thus far after high expectations. DC Kevin Coyle is NOT a happy camper.
  • Sean Smith continues to talk the talk in camp... but he walks the walk. He is dominating EVERYONE.
  • Recap of the Vontae Davis Trade-

Ireland receives a text from Colts owner Jim Irsay stating interest in Davis.

Irsay starts tweeting to the public like a teenage girl, media picks it up.

Ireland is "intrigued" but hasn't offered ANYTHING.

Ireland finally agreed on a 2nd round pick and 'conditional' 6th round. Philbin agrees with decision.

Ireland meets with VD to discuss the trade. Vontae looks blindsided, doesn't really react either way.

  • Preseason Game 3 vs. Atlanta-
David Garrard watching from the stands disappointed he can't play.

Running game opening up. Can't capitalize in the RZ.

WR Dropping balls. Coaches NOT happy.

Vontae's pick six called back. It was the right call, he was all over him.

Coverage for the most part was great minus a few lapses.

Les Brown plays a few snaps. Alexceh doesn't play at all.

  • The first group of cuts- no matter how you look at's rough. Imagine working as hard as you could at something... and still being fired.

Memorable Quotes -

  • OC Mike Sherman,"No matter who you are, finish in a dominating position"
  • Jake on Ryan Tannehill's block, "Hey, get out of the way. Don't f@*g do that"
  • Ryan Tannehill guessing teams from the NFC East, "Chiefs?"
  • RB Jerome Messam on being cut, "Just give me a shot"
  • Philbin on Vontae, "I like the kid, but he's UP and DOWN"
  • GM Jeff Ireland on the phone with Colts Jim Irsay, "I have to be blown away. You called ME."
  • Jeff Ireland, "I think the receiver position is going to look a bit different next week than it looks now".
  • And the FAN comment of the night goes to Earl mentioning players being cut, "This is so much easier on Madden"
What do you guys think of tonight's episode? A bit more depressing than others in my opinion... Feel free to discuss below and look for a more detailed reaction tomorrow. I will also personally break down who's stock is UP and who's is DOWN, in a post later in the week.