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Dolphins Hard Knocks Episode 4 Live Thread


The fourth episode of HBO's Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins airs tonight at 10pm EDT. The show will have an encore presentation tomorrow at 11pm Eastern. The show will follow the Dolphins throughout training camp, with filming actually starting as far back as OTAs and minicamps, and cameras will be allowed everywhere in the Dolphins training facilities, as well as in some players homes.

Essentially, the show will give us a never-before-seen view into the Dolphins players, coaches, and executives. The show should allow us to see how decisions are made, why some players are moved between positions or spots on the depth chart, and ultimately, why and how players are released.

As you can see in the tweet above, the Vontae Davis trade will be featured in the show tonight. This could be a watershed moment for the franchise. If the coaches and executives come across well during this, it could calm the fan base. But, if there's no explanation or the trade comes across as a haphazard decision, all bets are off.

Like during a game thread in the regular season, do not post requests for, or links to, illegal streams or downloads of the show. They are not allowed on the site, and really can get the Phinsider into some legal situations we don't want to deal with. Any request or posting of illegal streams will result in a temporary ban from the site.

Anyway, enough with that. Discuss everything about the show in here. After the show, we will post an immediate reactions post. Then, tomorrow morning, we will have a recap of the show.

Bring on the show!