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Miami Dolphins Quarterback Battle Ryan Tannehill's to Lose

The Phinsider YouTube Channel returns today with this summer's favorite MIami Dolphins topic - Ryan Tannehill. The rookie quarterback looks poised to claim the starting position after David Garrard's injury, and simply out playing Matt Moore in the first two preseason games.

Head coach Joe Philbin was asked if he was close to naming the starting quarterback, something he said earlier this preseason he was planning to do between the second and third games. Philbin replied, "It could be. We're in the process right now, we watched the game obviously, we discussed our personnel obviously and now we're starting to formulate some thoughts on Atlanta. We're certainly going to do more game planning this week than we have the first two. There's no question about that. I was in a run game meeting earlier this morning and we're going to start narrowing down our personnel. We may have a decision soon, but we may not until, we my play it out another week. That's still up in the air. We certainly haven't come to any decision on that."

We'll see what happens in the next few days, as the team prepares for the Atlanta Falcons in the third preseason game - the game typically used as a dress rehearsal for the regular season.