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Rookie Quarterback Ryan Tannehill to Start for Miami Dolphins

"Here are the keys, Rook.  Why don't you take us for a test drive?"
"Here are the keys, Rook. Why don't you take us for a test drive?"

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill may not have been handed the keys to the franchise, yet, but he's being asked to take it for a test drive tonight. The rookie will start tonight in the Miami Dolphins' preseason game against the Carolina Panthers, according to broadcaster Dick Stockton. Tannehill is currently in a competition for the starter's role with veteran, and least year's team MVP, Matt Moore.

Stockton, who is part of the broadcast crew for tonight's game, was appearing on 790 The Ticket this morning when he broke the news that Tannehill will get his first starts as the Dolphins' quarterback. Sure, it's just a preseason game, but Tannehill starting now is really the only choice head coach Joe Philbin had.

Tannehill looked strong last week, playing with the second team offense against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' second- and third-team defenses. Philbin has said he wants to decide who will be the Miami Week 1 starter sometime between this game, and next week's dress rehearsal game against the Atlanta Falcons. Moore started last week, so if Tannehill was going to get an equal look by the coaches, playing him with the starters was the only way.

The Miami starters are expected to play most of the first half of the game tonight, with Moore replacing Tannehill at halftime.