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Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks Episode 2 Immediate Reactions

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin once again starred in an episode of Hard Knocks.
Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin once again starred in an episode of Hard Knocks.

Talk about an emotional roller coaster of an episode. The Miami Dolphins' second episode of HBO's Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins pulled no punches tonight. Here are my immediate thoughts of the show:

Stars of the Show:

  • Head coach Joe Philbin
  • Tight end Les Brown


  • The show opened with a look at head coach Joe Philbin, and the sad tie he now has with Andy Reid, after both losing their son this year. Philbin's wife went to the funeral.
  • TEs - Les Brown is working at it, he just has to get better at blocking; When will the coaches just move Brown to WR?; Fasano clearly ahead of all other TEs - being used to mentor; TEs as a group not where Mike Sherman and offensive coaches want them
  • QBs - Garrard atop the depth chart; Tannehill is trying to go from "hotshot prospect to starting NFL QB"; Random scene of Bob Griese talking to Joe Philbin about Tannehill
  • Rookie haircuts were awesome - Josh Samuda clearly the best
  • WRs - Starts with Peter King talking to Ireland about his concerns - Ireland says team has a bunch of 4,5,6s, looking to see who steps up to be 3,2,1; Ireland "Evaluating them closely; team disappointed Roberto Wallace not stepping up to be the guy; Chris "Always Open" Hogan / Chris "7-11" Hogan - constantly gettin open; Chad Johnson and Sean Smith had good battle at WR/CB
  • Chad Johnson Part I - "The more you give, the more you get" - Mike Sherman to Johnson; Johnson having problems picking up plays
  • O-line - Have some fun watching Dolphins Cheerleaders with "Call Me Maybe"; Family - hit one lineman, you get answer from them all
  • Lauren Tannehill takes scene with getting Ryan to sign things for and meet Special Olympians
  • Garrard Knee - trainer breaks the news to Philbin; Garrard on the table says he didn't hit it on anything - "Maybe just Father Time"; Fought through Crone's Disease - will fight through this; Moore didn't know he was starting until pre-game meeting, when coaches were talking plays with him
  • Chad Johnson Part II - Philbin talks to the team about it being a professional environment - his job to coach, their job to play; when he arrives at facility - Johnson apologizes and takes responsibility for embarrassing the organization; Philbin tells Johnson, "This isn't working for you, me, or the team"; Johnson was clearly upset and disappointed in both himself and with the decision to release him
  • Quotes of the show:

    • "They, unfortunately, share a kind of bond." - Joe Philbin about his wife and Andy Reid's wife, having both lost their sons
    • "I've got nothing to say about you except you aren't good enough." - Mike Sherman about Charles Clay
    • "I would cut you today if I were the General Manager." - Mike Sherman to Michael Egnew
    • "I'm so fundamentally sound, coach. I know." -David Garrard
    • "Please don't dive out here on the practice field." - Garrard to RT17
    • "Glad we're such a first class organization, Josh. Way to go." - Philbin
    • What is it that's separating you from being an NFL starter?...You have to figure that out." - Assistant GM Brian Gain to Wallace
    • "Ankle Weights Wallace" - Unidentified coach
    • "And the desk was up about six inches." - Jim Turner
    • "Gosh Daggit. Goooosh Daggit." - Sherman after Moore INT
    • " AS soon as I did it, I was like ‘What am I doing?'" - RT17 on dive forward
    • "When things are good, it's good. When things aren't so good, it can be a know." - Philbin

    Another good episode. Starting with the Garrett Reid story was hard, and ending with Johnson/Philbin meeting was hard - for completely different reasons. Obviously, the show had a great drama story line this week, that it's going to have to replace next week, since Johnson is now gone.

    Should be fun to see where the team, and the show, goes during this next week.

    What did you see? And, read the whole recap tomorrow morning.