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Miami Dolphins Karlos Dansby Not Happy About Chad Johnson Release

Miami Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby disagrees with the team releasing wide receiver Chad Johnson over the weekend.
Miami Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby disagrees with the team releasing wide receiver Chad Johnson over the weekend.

Last night, the Miami Dolphins announced they had terminated the contract of wide receiver Chad Johnson. The veteran wide out had beenarrested on Saturday night after allegedly head butting his wife during an argument. Johnson spent all of Saturday night in jail, being released on bond Sunday afternoon.

The move by head coach Joe Philbin has been received positively by most of the Miami fans, and even the media, who see the release of Johnson as Philbin putting his foot down and leaving his mark on the franchise. Johnson was signed by the Dolphins this offseason with the understanding that the team would not curtail his on-the-field celebrations, but would not stand for off-the-field issues. During the first episode of HBO's Hard Knocks last Tuesday, Philbin talked to Johnson about his over-use of profanity during his introductory press conference, laying out that the team would not allow any other issues from the veteran.

Four days after the airing of Hard Knocks, Johnson was arrested, leading to his release after just 63 days with Miami.

However, not everyone seems to be pleased with the way the Dolphins handled Johnson's arrest.

"You don't just give up on people, especially when you know their character and you know what they're all about," linebacker Karlos Dansby told Sid Rosenberg on 640-AM this morning. "Let's stand behind him. I hate the fact that, you know, he didn't get that third strike. That's just me personally.

"It sucks, bro, to see it go down like it did."

Asked if Johnson would have been a distraction if he had remained with the team, Dansby stated, "It's going to be an even bigger distraction right now, I think, for the simple fact we let him go. For him to be in this situation is unfortunate and is out of character for him. I say, ‘Hey, we need to stand behind him.' I know the guys in the locker room would. But the organization felt a totally different way about the situation, and they probably had more information than we know. And they had to do what they had to do.

"We've seen worse around here. Let's keep it honest. Over the last decade you've seen worse. To not give him another shot, it's tough."

Dansby then added that Johnson was liked by his teammates and was a positive influence on the locker room.

"He's a perfect teammate man, everybody loved having him around," Dansby said. "Young man had plenty of potential to flourish in this system we have now, and he could've been a big asset to the Dolphins. I'm not condoning him putting his hands - allegedly, as they say - on his wife. (But) he was perfect in the locker room, kept guys energized, kept guys laughing. It's tough to lose a good man."