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Miami Dolphins Confirm Termination of Chad Johnson's Contract

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson.
Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson.

The Miami Dolphins have confirmed they have released wide receiver Chad Johnson. Johnson was arrested yesterday after allegedly headbutting his wife. Johnson spent Saturday night in jail, before being released on $2,500 bond. Evelyn Lozada, Johnson's wife, was treated at the hospital with a three inch cut to her head, according to the police report.

The fight started when Lozada found a receipt for a box of condoms Johnson had purchased.

Lozada told police Johnson had screamed, during the course of their fight, "I don't give a f---! I don't give a f--- about my career!" Looks like that part of the argument was true.

The team's official press release reads:


MIAMI - The Miami Dolphins have terminated the contract of WR Chad Johnson, the team announced today.

Short and simple. Almost exactly like the 63-day Dolphins career Johnson had.