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Chad Johnson Released Following Arrest

The Miami Dolphins have released wide receiver Chad Johnson.
The Miami Dolphins have released wide receiver Chad Johnson.

The Miami Dolphins have officially released wide receiver Chad Johnson following his arrest yesterday for alleged domestic violence. The incident started as Johnson and his newly-wed wife Evelyn Lozada, returned home after dinner at a restaurant when,Lozada discovered a receipt for a box of condoms, Davie Police Department Captain Dale Engle told Izzy Gould of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Police arrived on the scene to find Lozada with lacerations to her forehead, an injury that required treatment at Westside Regional Medical Center in Plantation, Florida. Johnson was arrested at the scene, and is facing a misdemeanor domestic battery charge, although no charges have been filed.

The police report, as tweeted by Gould, states thatJohnson and Lozada began arguing in Johnson's Smart Car. The police report then states, "...Johnson became upset and without permission grabbed her and head butted her on the forehead causing a laceration." He then began screaming "I don't give a f---. I don't give a f--- about my career. Lozada then fled the scene, running to a neighbors house.

The police report, as Gould tweeted, continues to say Johnson told police he yelled "F--- it!" Then Lozada head butted him. Johnson then, according to his statement, went for a ride in the car to allow his wife to cool down.

The laceration on Lozada's head was 3-inches in length. She also told police she did want to file charges.

Johnson was released on $2,500 bond earlier today. The Dolphins conducted practice today without him, with head coach Joe Philbin stating after practice that he would talk to Johnson tonight and would not comment on the matter until that discussion took place.