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Miami Dolphins Training Camp Must Follow Beat Writer

A few days ago, I published a list of Miami Dolphins beat writers, players, and executives that you can follow on Twitter to keep up with the team throughout training camp. Which, brings us to today's follow up poll. If you were only able to follow one Dolphins beat writer, who would it be?

Would you go with someone like Omar Kelly, who tweets a lot about the Dolphins, but also gives you all kinds of information about his personal life? Would you follow Armando Salguero, who can completely miss on some speculation, but can give you some inside Dolphins stuff as well? What about Ben Volin, who may not tweet as prolifically as Kelly, but has well written articles attached to his tweets?

Who is the one must follow for MiamI Dolphins news? Vote in the poll and let us know. And, if you missed the original list of Twitter accounts to follow, it's not permanently posted on the left side of the front page in the "Pages" section.