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NFL Announces Supplemental Draft Eligible Players

The NFL yesterday announced the schedule for the NFL Supplemental Draft. As had been previously rumored, the selections will take place on July 12, with eight players eligible. The player likely to get the most attention during the build up to the draft is former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon.

The Supplemental Draft is, essentially, a silent auction. If a team is interested in adding the rights to a player, they place a bid, listing what round they would select the player. Then, which ever team has the lowest selection wins the player.

If a team wins a player during the Supplemental Draft, they give up the corresponding pick in next year's Draft.

The players eligible this year are:

  • Boise State Quarterback Quaylon Ewing
  • Baylor Wide Receiver Josh Gordon
  • Syracuse Running Back Adam Harris
  • Iowa State Tackle Adrian Haughton
  • Carson-Newman Linebacker Larry Lumpkin
  • Georgia Defensive End Montez Robinson
  • McMurray Wide Receiver Houston Tuminello
  • TCU Running Back Ed Wesley

The annual Supplemental Draft is for players that did not declare for the April draft, but are qualified to enter the league. Typically, something about the player's NCAA status has changed, most often academically, which would prevent them from playing in the upcoming college football season.

Gordon, as the most interesting member of the Supplemental Draft class, is a 6'4", 220 pound wide receiver. He has the size teams look for in a wide receiver, and he has decent speed. He is entering the Supplemental Draft after being suspended for the entire 2011 season at Baylor for violating team rules. He then transferred to Utah, but will now move to the NFL prior to playing for the Utes.

With the Miami Dolphins appearing to need a wide receiver, and the team having an extra third round selection next year after trading Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears this offseason, it will be interesting to see if they put in a bid for Gordon. He is an intriguing option, but his off-the-field issues will scare teams away from him, especially if they think they can sign him as an undrafted free agent on July 13.

Last year, only one player was selected in the Supplemental Draft. The Oakland Raiders won the rights to former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor in the third round.