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Miami Dolphins Looking to Sign Ryan Tannehill, Rookie Working With Chris Weinke

Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill is one of three first round draft picks unsigned.
Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill is one of three first round draft picks unsigned.

The Miami Dolphins are in the middle of the second day of training camp, and the continued absence of Ryan Tannehill becomes more and more noticeable. Tannehill was the eighth overall pick in last April's draft, and is supposed to be the third member of a three-way battle for the starting position, competing against veterans Matt Moore and David Garrard. Every day he misses, however, Tanneill will fall further behind in the competition.

The NFL developed a rookie wage scale with the implementation of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement - a scale that was supposed to end holdouts by rookies heading into training camps. However, the Dolphins saw Mike Pouncey miss the first two practices of training camp due to a hold out, and now Tannehill seems to be following in his footprints. Tannehill is one of just three first round draft picks still not signed by their respective teams.

But, Tannehill is not sitting around doing nothing during the holdout. Yesterday, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that Tannehill is in Florida, working out with former NFL quarterback Chris Weinke at the IMG Madden Football Academy. Weinke worked with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton last year during the lockout.

Tannehill's absence is not noticed by just the Miami fans, but by players too. Cornerback Sean Smith is looking forward to challenging the rookie, according to comments the made after practice:

"He's the chosen one, the golden child," Smith said. "I call him 'The Franchise.' When he gets out here, I definitely can't wait to just play off and pick one of his little hitches or whatnot because you know he's going to be anxious to come and sling it. To get one of Tannehill's balls, I might make him sign it or whatnot."

Personally, I am still not worried about Tannehill and the Dolphins coming to an agreement. It's still extremely early in training camp, and it's not likely that Tannehill would be starting for the Dolphins in Week 1 anyway. However, Tannehill has to realize that every day he misses makes it that much harder for him to win the starting job, and is also hurting his daily ability to work, possibly stunting his development.

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