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Miami Dolphins Training Camp Preview Video

Last night during the Phinsider Podcast, I mentioned that I had a Miami Dolphins Training Camp video getting ready to publish. Well, now it's published.

With a new head coach and offensive coordinator in town, and a wide open quarterback competition between Matt Moore, Ryan Tannehill and David Garrard, there's lots of excitement and interest at this year's Dolphins training camp. Oh yeah, HBO is on location for the newest edition of Hard Knocks.

You can also check out my thoughts on the wide receivers, safeties, Les Brown, and, of course, the coaching staff. Watch the video - and watch it many times. I've been trash talking with the guys from Arrowhead Pride that the only reason their video is ahead of ours in views is because they have had three days head start on us. They are currently just over 3,000 views - we have not yet reached 50. So, help me out and get us caught up to them (like we did with the Ryan Tannehill interview video).

Thanks, and, hopefully you enjoy the video!