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SB Nation examines the one big question facing each team in 2012

The Dolphins will have a new toy on offense in 2012, but shhh ... don't tell that to any football writers or bloggers.
The Dolphins will have a new toy on offense in 2012, but shhh ... don't tell that to any football writers or bloggers.

Our friend Ryan Van Bibber is at it again, this time analyzing the biggest question this season for all 32 teams. It's a nice thought and all, especially because some teams really only have one or two issues awaiting them as they begin training camp this week. The Packers, for instance, should be concerned about their pass rush and the health of their secondary, but that's about it. The Steelers probably aren't overly concerned about Ben Roethlisberger's ability to stay healthy this season, since they acquired some impressive offensive line pieces last spring (including former Stanford workhorse David DeCastro); instead, they can worry about James Harrison's sociopathic ability to get into loads of trouble on the field. Anyway, you get the point.

If you're familiar with Van Bibber's work, you know that he's about as fond of the Dolphins as he is fond of fresh dog poop and screaming children on commercial airline flights. Naturally, his take on the Dolphins' "one big question" revolves around a guy who might not even see the field this season: Ryan Tannehill.

"First-round draft pick Ryan Tannehill might not be the best quarterback on the roster," Van Bibber writes. "Already Miami has done the public relations groundwork for the inevitable criticism, telling the world that the rookie is third on the depth chart. It might be just as well, the roster is devoid of talent at the skill positions beyond Reggie Bush. Can the Dolphins compete, can they even scratch out seven wins, with their current group of receivers and players who have not surrendered a Heisman Trophy?"

Ouch. Tell us how you really feel, RVB. In Miami's defense, Tannehill's lack of presence in 2012 would probably be a good thing, since it would mean the Dolphins are playing competitive football. However, while it's clear that Van Bibber doesn't care that the Dolphins beefed up their talent on offense by drafting long, angular pass-catching tight end Michael Egnew and speed merchant running back Lamar Miller last spring, you can hardly blame him for simply assuming that Miami will attempt to execute the West Coast offense with has-beens, unproven sophomores and unknown rookies. Every other football writer and blogger in the country thinks the Dolphins' offense will suck this season; why would Van Bibber be any different?

Personally, I would've gone with a question like "Can Joe Philbin convert the Dolphins into a high-octane offense?" or "Will Vontae Davis and Sean Smith take the next step under the tutelage of new Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle?" Still, we drafted Tannehill, and writers/bloggers everywhere are bound to hold it against us until he comes in and proves he was worthy of the eight overall selection.

You can read the article here.