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Miami Dolphins Retired Numbers: The Cursed Version

Late last night, we had an interesting discussion over on the Facebook page about numbers the Miami Dolphins should retire. However, instead of looking at numbers like Zach Thomas' 54 or Jason Taylor's 99, we were looking at numbers like Ted Ginn/Brandon Marshall's 19. The discussion was not what players deserve the honor of having their number retired, but, it was what numbers should the Dolphins retire, simply so a player does not make the mistake of wearing a cursed number again.

This morning, I thought I would do a two part story here on the site, bringing that discussion here. I ask you to please nominate the numbers you would like to see retired from the MIami Dolphins in order to get rid of a seemingly cursed jersey? Tomorrow, I will compile the list, and we will vote for the number we would like to see no one ever wear for the Dolphins again.

But, before you starting nominating, the number 19 is off the table. It's automatically retired from the nature of this discussion. Last night, I wrote on Facebook:

‎"The Miami Dolphins officially retire #19 because of the crappy play we have gotten out of the number. In order to ensure our wide receivers are given the best opportunity to succeed in the NFL, we will no longer allow any of them to make the mistake of wearing the aforementioned number, which shall never again be uttered within our facilities."

Let us know in the comments below what number you would like to see no one use again in Miami. Include why you think that number deseves to join 19 in the Dolphins' Ring of Infamy.