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Miami Dolphins July 2012 Approval Ratings

Over the last week, the Phinsider Community has conducted the monthly approval ratings votes for the top three executives within the Miami Dolphins organization. This is the last set of votes before we finally get into training camp, and, ultimately, the 2012 NFL season.

Our votes cast this month almost equaled last month's turnout, with Stephen Ross' poll drawing the most attention, with 786 total votes cast.

But, that's not the important part. Time to take a look at the results:

Person June Approval July Approval Change
Stephen Ross 68% 63% -3%
Jeff Ireland 73% 66% -7%
Joe Philbin 85% 85% --

Interestingly, in a month in which there is little-to-no NFL activity, the three top men from the team either saw a drop in their approval ratings, or saw no change. That could be because there was no activity, or it could be because fans are not feeling as good about the team heading into training camp as they were heading into the OTAs and minicamps.

The interesting thing to watch here will be how training camp, and even more so HBO's Hard Knocks, change the approval ratings in August and September.

And, at least we will have something to talk about in less than a week.