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SB Nation's Tight End Rankings

Miami Dolphins H-back Charles Clay could be the x-factor for the team's tight end corps.
Miami Dolphins H-back Charles Clay could be the x-factor for the team's tight end corps.

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber is back today with his next installment of NFL team rankings based on position, this time looking at the tight ends. Once again, the Miami Dolphins will find themselves deep in the rankings, somewhere in the bottom dozen teams. And, once again, I cannot argue with the rankings of the Dolphins' tight ends - it's a goup full of potential, but nothing that would make them jump up the chart right now.

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The top five teams, according to Van Bibber, are the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers, and the Dallas Cowboys. The bottom of the chart finds the Arizona Cardinals in the basement, with the Chicago Bears, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers just ahead of them.

As for the Dolphins, Van Bibber placed them as the 21st ranked team, putting them two places ahead of the team's ranking in the offensive line chart. Once again, Van Bibber asked how the SB Nation NFL bloggers view their respective tight ends. My thoughts were:

The Dolphins tight ends are hard to predict this year. Last year's starter, Anthony Fasano, is back and is a solid tight end. He blocks well, and he has shown he can catch, a good target in the passing game. But, he's never going to be a dominating, stretch-the-seam type. For that, the Dolphins drafted Michael Egnew, who should be able to fill the Jermichael Finley role for Miami. The wildcard in this is sophomore H-back Charles Clay, who has spent the preseason working with the tight ends. Clay has the ability to add another dynamic to the offense, and showed last year that he can make the tough catch over the middle. The Dolphins tight ends may not be sexy on paper, but they have the potential to develop into something special.

What do you think of the rankings? Is Van Bibber right to put the Dolphins in the bottom part of the league? Or, should they be higher?

Let us know in the comments below.