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Miami Dolphins July 2012 Approval Ratings: Jeff Ireland

We continue our monthly approval ratings post this morning with Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland. Ireland spent most of the offseason as the focal point for all of the fan frustrations with the team. However, after a well orchestrated draft, the vitriol seemed to lessen.

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The Dolphins, along with the NFL, are transitioning from the personnel focused offseason into the on-the-field preseason right now, so the free agent and draft are beginning to fade into the past. Will Ireland's approval rating drop as the high from those events wears off? Or, will he see a bump as he signs the last three draft picks remaining unsigned (Ryan Tannehill, Michael Egnew, Olivier Vernon)?

Below you will find the previous results from Ireland's approval ratings. Make sure you vote in the poll as well, and, if you haven't vote in the Stephen Ross poll, follow the link to that as well.

May 2012: 65%

June 2012: 73%