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SB Nation's NFL Offensive Line Rankings

Does the Miami Dolphins' offensive line have the right stuff to climb the rankings this season?
Does the Miami Dolphins' offensive line have the right stuff to climb the rankings this season?

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber returned today after picking himself up and suting himself off from the beat down he received all across the SB Nation NFL blogs for his various defensive positional rankings. Now, he shifts sides of the ball, moving over to the offensive line. For the Miami Dolphins, the offensive line is not a sense of comfort for fans - especially after tying the team record of 53 sacks allowed last year (third most in the NFL).

The top five in Van Bibber's rankings featured the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints, and Kansas City Chiefs. Meanwhile, the bottom five teams, according to the rankings, are the Indianapolis Colts, St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, and San Diego Chargers.

The Dolphins come in at the 23rd position, which is probably about where I would put them. The offensive line has a ton of potential, and could be dominante this year, but they have to earn anything higher than a low 20s ranking right now. Van Bibber turned to some of the SB Nation NFL bloggers, including myself, to get an idea of how we see our respecitive offensive lines. My thoughts on the Dolphins line were:

The difference between last year's line and this year's line should be night and day. The left side should be improved with a healthy Jake Long, but it's the right side that killed the team last year. This year, the Dolphins have decided to actually play a right tackle, having let Marc "Turnstile" Colombo return to Dallas to retire. Now, with Jonathan Martin in the spot and the shift to a zone blocking scheme, the Dolphins' line should take a step forward in 2012

What do you think of my input? What about Van Bibber's rankings?