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Miami Dolphins July 2012 Approval Ratings: Stephen Ross

After a week off from the site (okay, I was not totally gone), I'm back, and starting with the monthly approval ratings post for the Miami Dolphins top three personnel. Basically, we ask you for your current view of the Miami Dolphins' top three personnel. We start off each month's series by looking at the Dolphins' owner Stephen Ross.

Last month, we saw Ross' approval rating increase from May, picking up 13-percentage points. Now this month, we are taking the vote right after word has leaked that the Dolphins are already working with the NFL to change the team's logo for 2013, as well as the team saying they will not let local blackouts happen this year, meaning, like last season, Ross will be buying any unsold tickets to ensure the Dolphins are on TV.

The previous poll results are below, and now it's time to vote on how you feel about the Dolphins' owner.

May 2012: 55%

June 2012: 68%