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Celtics at Heat Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 Live Thread

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[UPDATE:] The Miami Heat won the Eastern Conference Finals with a Game 7 101-88 victory over the Boston Celtics. The Heat will face the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals starting on Tuesday.

It's a full sports day, and somehow none of it involves the NFL. Next, we have the game that probably relates to the most of the Phinsider Community, at least more than the other events tonight - the Boston Celtics at Miami Heat Eastern Conference Finals Game 7.

It all comes down to this. Can Boston's Big 3 (or 4) win and move on to face the Oklahoma City Thunder? Will LeBron James silence his critics and carry the Heat to the Finals? Will Dwyane Wade show up for the first half tonight - or will he continue to be lost during the opening two periods? How much playing time does Chris Bosh get tonight?

The game starts at 8:30pm EDT on ESPN.