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Miami Dolphins All Time Depth Chart - Running Back #4

Former Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown claimed the third position on the All Time team depth chart.  Who will fill the last halfback position?
Former Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown claimed the third position on the All Time team depth chart. Who will fill the last halfback position?

This morning, the Phinsider Community Miami Dolphins All Time Depth Chart votes to fill the final running back position. Before we get to the fourth running back slot, we need to look at who won the third slot.

After Ricky Williams and Mercury Morris, the third position goes to Williams' former backfield mate, and newly signed San Diego Chargers running back, Ronnie Brown. Brown picked up the slack during the on-again/off-again relationship the Dolphins had with Ricky Williams. During his six years with Miami (2005-2010, 76 games with 40 starts), Brown would carry the ball 1,128 times for 4,815 yards, third all time for the franchise. He would also score 36 rushing touchdowns, again claiming third all time for the team. Brown would make the Pro Bowl in 2008, riding the wave the team's Wildcat offense would cause throughout the league.

On to part 4:

The current depth chart looks like:

1st String

2nd String

3rd String

4th String

5th String

6th String


Dan Marino Bob Griese Chad Pennington


Mark Clayton Paul Warfield Mark Duper Nat Moore O.J. McDuffie Chris Chambers


Randy McMichael Keith Jackson Jim Mandich


Ricky Williams Mercury Morris Ronnie Brown












Time to look at the nominees. The nominees include all of the halfbacks who have carried a minimum of 500 times for the Dolphins, or had a 1,000 yard season. They are:

Jim Kiick - One portion of the triple headed backfield monster of the Dolphins running game from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s, Kiick would play with Miami from 1968 to 1974. He would leave the Dolphins after their second Super Bowl win, heading to the WFL for a season before joining the Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins at the end of his career. During his time with the Dolphins, Kiick play in 97 games, starting 68 of them. He would have 997 rushing attempts, for 3,644 yards, and 28 touchdowns.Kiick would be selected to the Pro Bowl in 1968 and 1969.

Benny Malone - Malone joined Miami for the 1974 season, playing five years with the Dolphins. He would appear in 57 games, starting 27, and carrying the ball 503 times. He would gain 2,129 yards, scoring 16 touchdowns.

Delvin Williams - Williams played three years with Miami, spanning the 1978 to 1980 seasons, starting 29 games of the 45 in which he appeared. He would carry the ball 643 times over that time, gaining 2,632 yards with 13 touchdowns. Williams would be selected to the Pro Bowl in 1976 and 1978, as well as being named to the First Team All Pro selections in 1978.

Tony Nathan - Nathan would have one of the longest careers as a Dolphins running back, sticking with the team from 1979 to 1987. He would carry the ball 702 times for Miami, tallying 3,543 yards and 16 touchdowns, starting 69 games while appearing in 123 total. Nathan would be named First Team All Pro in his rookie campaign, as well as lead the league in yards per attempt average in 1981 (5.3 YPA).

Lorenzo Hampton - Hampton would appear in 70 games (27 starts) for the Dolphins in the 1985 to 1989 seasons. He would carry the ball exactly 500 times, gaining 1,949 yards with 22 touchdowns.

Sammie Smith - Smith only spent three seasons in Miami, starting 13 games and appearing in 27 additional games. He would carry 509 times from 1989 to 1991, gaining 1,787 yards and scoring 15 touchdowns.

Mark Higgs - Higgs would join the Dolphins in 1990, playing five seasons with the team. He would have 702 rushing attempts, gaining 2,648 yards and finding the endzone 14 times.

Bernie Parmalee - Parmalee played from 1992 to 1998 with Miami, appearing in 104 games (26 starts). He would gain 1,959 yards on 513 carries, with 15 touchdowns.

Karim Abdul-Jabbar - Abdul-Jabbar gained 3,063 yards in his Dolphins career spanning the 1996 to 1999 seasons. He would start 23 of the 50 games in which he appeared, carrying the ball 888 times with 33 touchdowns scored. He would lead the league in 1997 with 15 rushing touchdowns.

Lamar Smith - Smith only played two seasons with the Dolphins, but would carry the ball 622 times over the 2000 and 2001 seasons. He would gain 2,107 yards with 20 touchdowns, appearing in 31 of the Dolphins' contests over his two years (16 starts).

Reggie Bush - Bush claims his position on the list of nominees based on his one year with the team being one of just 12 seasons in which a Dolphins rusher reached 1,000 yards. Bush came to Miami in 2011, having been used primarily as a change of pace back with the New Orleans Saints. With the Dolphins, he would carry the ball 216 times, tallying 1,086 yards with 6 touchdowns. Bush would start 10 of the 15 games in which he played last year.

Vote below for which half back should take the second spot on the depth chart for the All Time Dolphins.