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Miami Dolphins Favorite to Land Chad Ochocinco

Could Chad Ochocinco be headed for Miami?
Could Chad Ochocinco be headed for Miami?

Earlier today, we took a look at the possibility of the Miami Dolphins pursuing former New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. With the current state of the Dolphins receiving corps, and the possibility that number one wide out Brian Hartline could be dealing with a lingering injury, the possibility of Miami at least looking at Ochocinco is high. According to our own community, 53% of the 543 votes (as of this publication) thought the team should at least look at the former Chad Johnson.

Our friends over at the Zucker Media Group today looked up the current betting odds of where Ochocinco could land within the NFL. According to Bovada, the 3-to-1 favorite to land Ochocinco for Week 1 is......the Dolphins. Following the Dolphins come the Dallas Cowboys (4/1), the Jacksonville Jaguars (11/2), St. Louis Rams (11/2), Philadelphia Eagles (13/2), Buffalo Bills (7/1), Baltimore Ravens (8/1), and Houston Texans (5/1). Ochocinco not being on a roster in Week 1 is currently at 5-to-1.

Interestingly, they are also accepting bets for if Ochocinco will change his name before Monday. They are paying at 15-to-1 odds that he will.