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Miami Dolphins Top 100 Players: A Clarification

As some of you who have been paying attention (and maybe following along) may have noticed, I've been authoring Miami Dolphins Top 100 list. This list was not created in a vacuum. It was constructed with figures calculated with a formula pioneered by Doug Drinen (the Approximate Value statistic), and available publicly at, specifically here. The prior omission of credit was unintended, as I do not seek to attain profit or fame through their publication. My intent was a dissemination of information in the spirit of all things Dolphins. When I initially had the idea to construct this list, I was unfamiliar with the proper way to render credit where due. This omission will be rectified in any future posts relating to the AV register.

On a related topic, I hope you have enjoyed reading these capsules. Stay tuned, as we still have one more to go.