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Miami Dolphins All Time Depth Chart - Tight End #3

Can current Miami Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano claim the final spot on the All Time Miami Depth Chart?
Can current Miami Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano claim the final spot on the All Time Miami Depth Chart?

This morning, the Phinsider Community All Time Miami Dolphins depth chart intiated a look at the running back (halfbacks) position. But, we also have to fill out the tight end positions, with today adding the second of three slots, and the vote for the final one.

Yesterday, we added Randy McMichael into the top spot for the tight ends, with him clearing Keith Jackson by one vote. Jackson clearly claimed the second position today. Jackson played the middle of his career with the Dolphins, starting as a first round pick in the 1988 draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, and ending as a member of the Green Bay Packers. While with the Dolphins, Jackson played in 44 games, starting 42 over three seasons (1992-1994). He caught 146 passes for 1,880 yards and 18 touchdowns. He made the 1992 Pro Bowl with Miami.

The poll for the final tight end position is below, along with the current depth chart and the list of nominees for the position.

The current depth chart looks like:

1st String

2nd String

3rd String

4th String

5th String

6th String


Dan Marino Bob Griese Chad Pennington


Mark Clayton Paul Warfield Mark Duper Nat Moore O.J. McDuffie Chris Chambers


Randy McMichael Keith Jackson













Doug Moreau - Moreau was a 19th round selection by Miami in the 1966 AFL Draft. He would have a four year career, appearing in 33 games, with 29 starts. He would catch 73 passes for 926 yards and six touchdowns during his career.

Larry Seiple - Seiple was drafted by the Dolphins in the seventh round of the 1967 draft. During his eight year career (1967-1971 and 1975-1977), Seiple would be primarily used as a punter for the Dolphins, but would also see playing time as a tight end and a half back. As a tight end, including the 1969 season when he started 8 of the 14 games that year, Seiple caught 73 passes for 934 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Jim Mandich - "Mad Dog" was the Miami second round pick in the 1970 Draft, playing eight seasons with the Dolphins. During that time, he would start 16 games, appearing in another 103 contests. He would catch 121 passes for 1,406 yards, with 23 touchdowns. He would leave Miami after the 1977 season, spending one year with the Pittsburgh Steelers before retiring.

Marv Fleming - Fleming was selected by the Green Bay Packers during the 1963 draft, playing with the team through the 1969 season. Joining the Dolphins in 1970, Fleming would play with the Dolphins until his retirement after the 1974 season. During his five years in Miami, Fleming would start 52 games, appearing in 15 more. He would only catch 48 passes for 523 yards and just 4 touchdowns during that period.

Andre Tillman - The Dolphins selected Tillman in the second round of the 1974 draft. Joining the active roster in 1975, Tillman would start 52 of the 58 games in which he appeared during the 1975-1978 seasons. He would catch 66 passes for 757 yards and 6 touchdowns during his career.

Loaird McCreary - Selected in the 2nd round of the 1976 NFL Draft, Laird would spend just three years with the Dolphins. He would start five games during that span, appearing in 44 total games for the Dolphins. He would only tally seven receptions during his Dolphins career, with 88 yards and three touchdowns. He would spent one season with the New York Giants after leaving Miami.

Bruce Hardy - Drafted in the 9th round of the 1978 NFL Selection Meeting, Hardy would play his entire 12 year career with the Dolphins. He would appear in 151 games, starting 95 of them. While he would spend the 1980 season as a wide receiver, the majority of his career would see Hardy line up as a tight end. During the entire 12 years with the Dolphins, Hardy would catch 256 passes for 2,455 yards, and 25 touchdowns.

Joe Rose - Coming to the Dolphins as a seventh round pick in the 1980 draft, Rose would play all but one game of his career in a Dolphins jersey. Rose would appear in 82 games for the Dolphins from 1980-85, starting one game. He would catch 112 passes for 1,493 yards and 13 touchdowns over that span. He would play one game with the 1987 Los Angeles Rams before retiring.

Dan Johnson - Johnson was drafted by the Dolphins in the 1982 Draft's seventh round, but would not appear in a game for Miami until 1983. From 1983-1987, Johnson would start just over half of the games in which he appeared (34 starts in 66 appearances), while catching 94 passes and racking up 1,012 yards with 16 touchdowns.

Ferrell Edmunds - Edmunds was drafted by the Dolphins in the third round of the 1988 draft, playing five seasons in Miami. During those years, Edmunds would start 60 of the 66 games in which he appeared, snagging 117 passes, gaining 1,612 yards with 10 touchdowns. He was named to the 1989 and 1990 Pro Bowls while with the Dolphins. He would spend two years (1993-1994) with the Seattle Seahawks before retiring.

Brian Kinchen - After drafting Edmunds in the third round of the 1988 draft, the Dolphins would select Kinchen in the 12th round. He would spend three years with the Dolphins, appearing in 36 games, catching two passes for 15 yards.

Greg Baty - Baty was drafted by the New England Patriots in 1986, then was moved to the Los Angeles Rams mid-way through the 1987 season. After one year with the Phoenix Cardinals in 1988, Baty would sit out a year before joining Miami in 1990. Over a five year span with the Dolphins, Baty would start 9 of the 76 games in which he appeared, catching 30 passes for 377 and 4 touchdowns.

Ronnie Williams - Williams signed with Miami in 1993, playing in 41 games over his three seasons with the team (2 starts). He caught five passes for 54 yards with the Dolphins.

Frank Wainright - After being selected in the 8th round of the 1991 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints, Wainright joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 1995, before being sent to the Dolphins midway through that season. Over his four seasons with the Dolphins, Wainwright would start just one game, but would appear in 47 total games. He would only catch 1 pass for a two yard touchdown.

Troy Drayton - Drayton would join the Dolphins during the 1996 season, coming over from the St. Louis Rams. He would immediately assume the starting tight end role, holding the position until the end of the 1999 season, when he left Miami for the Kansas City Chiefs. During his four years with the Dolphins, Drayton would catch 127 balls for 1,511 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Ed Perry - Perry was drafted in the sixth round in 1997, and would spend all but one year of his nine year career in Miami. During his time with the Dolphins, Perry would catch 39 passes for 308 yards and two touchdowns, in 10 starts and 103 total games - catching all of his passes during his first three years with the team. He would leave Miami following the 2004 season, spending 2005 with the Kansas City Chiefs, but would only appear in 6 games, with no catches.

Hunter Goodwin - Goodwin would spent his first three years in the league with the Minnesota Vikings before moving to Miami in 1999. With the Dolphins, Goodwin would appear in 47 games, starting 32 of them. However, he would only catch 18 passes for 118 yards and 1 touchdown, being used more as a blocking tight end than a pass catcher.

Jed Weaver - Weaver would join the Dolphins in 2000 after one year with the Philadelphia Eagles. In his three years with Miami, Weaver would appear in all 48 of the team's games, starting 11 of them. He would cath 34 passes for 469 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Donald Lee - Miami would draft Lee in the 5th round in 2003, having him appear in all 32 games over the next two seasons. He would catch 20 passes for 220 yards and two touchdowns in those two seasons, before heading to spend the next six seasons with the Green Bay Packers. Lee would go to training camp with the Philadelphia Eagles last year, before spending the season with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Justin Peelle - Pelle was drafted in 2002 by the San Diego Chargers, coming to the Dolphins in 2006. During the 2006 and 2007 seasons, Peelle would appear in 31 games, starting 20. He would catch 45 passes in a Dolphins jersey, gaining 344 yards and scoring three touchdowns before moving to the Atlanta Falcons for three seasons and one year with the San Francisco 49ers.

David Martin - The "Flying Squirrel" would join the Dolphins in 2007, after seven seasons with the Green Bay Packers. He just barely qualifies for our minimum games requirement, appearing in 31 games with the Dolphins, starting in 22 of those. But, he would catch 65 passes over his two years with Miami, gaining 753 yards, with 5 touchdowns. After leaving Miami, Martin would spend two years with the Buffalo Bills.

Anthony Fasano - Fasano was one of the Dallas Cowboys transplants to follow Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano to Miami in 2008. In his four years with the Dolphins, Fasano has developed into a solid starting tight end. He has started all 60 of his appearances with the Dolphins, catching 136 passes for 1,772 yards and 18 touchdowns.

Who do you think takes the second spot in the All Time Miami Dolphins Depth Chart at the tight end position? Vote below.