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Lauren Tannehill Not Appearing In Maxim - But We Can Still Crown Her

After rumors leaked out that Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill's wife, Lauren, was slated to appear in the pages of Maxim magazine, the internet exploded with the story. Everywhere you looked for Dolphins news, from to here at the Phinsider, Lauren Tannehill stories had been written, and pictures from photographer Roger Snider added credance to the story. However, has now learned, Lauren Tannehill is not scheduled to appear in Maxim - at least not right now.

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According to the story, Lauren's talent agency, Page.713, have come out and said the pictures were not a part of a Maxim photo shoot. "That was a spec shoot designed to be sent out and Maxim was one of the options," agency manager Erik Bechtol told the Bryan-College Station Eagle on Monday. "A lot of blogs have reported that it was for Maxim and that is not accurate as of now."

So while Lauren continues to work on her modeling career, and we all recover from the disappointment of her not appearing in Maxim in the near future, at least we can all be assured that she will appear in the Dolphins' season of Hard Knocks on HBO this summer.