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Favorite NFL Team Not the Miami Dolphins

Sure, there's a part of me that will enjoy seeing this combination clicking in Chicago.
Sure, there's a part of me that will enjoy seeing this combination clicking in Chicago.

Amazingly, the Phinsider Community seems to be dominated by Miami Dolphins fans. What are the odds? But, all of us have another team that we have a fondness for. You don't have to consider them a "second" favorite team, and you don't have to necessarily root for them, but they are a team you enjoy watching when the Dolphins aren't playing. So, who is that team?

For me, it would probably be either the Chicago Bears or the Cleveland Browns. My Dad is a Bears fan - he's also a Dolphins fan, but he tries to be a Bears fan first so it's not an entire family of Dolphins fans - so I grew up learning all about the Monsters of the Midway. Now, granted, I am ecstatic that Dan Marino destroyed the undefeated Bears team to prevent them from increasing the "Perfectville" population to two, but I do like the Bears, and I like watching them do well.

Now, my Mom, who is an aqua and orange bleeding Dolphins fan (she threatened to disown me when I was looking at the State University of New York - Buffalo as a college option, simply because it was in Buffalo), also has a soft spot for the Browns. She started watching them when they were the Cardiac Kids. As such, I have a soft spot for the Browns as well. I was happy when Cleveland kept the franchise as Art Modell stole the players and organization, and I really hope they can rebuild and start being a factor in the AFC North - specifically bringing back the Pittsburgh/Cleveland rivalry.

So, which team do you enjoy when not wrapped up in every move the Dolphins make?

(By the way, this is the final question I am stealing from that Mile High Report story from last weekend.)