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Biggest Bust in NFL History

Is JaMarcus Russell the all time NFL Draft bust?
Is JaMarcus Russell the all time NFL Draft bust?

The NFL is littered with busted draft picks. You know, the player selected highly in the draft, only to completely bomb in the league. But, who was the worst of all time? What player should rank as the biggest bust in NFL History?

Do you go recent, and take JaMarcus Russel? Or, do you take the guy who nearly unseat Peyton Manning as the number one overall pick, Ryan Leaf? Maybe you take the Dolphins recent picks of Ted Ginn, Jr. or Pat White. What about the man once declared the best offensive line prospect ever, Tony Mandich, who was taken ahead of Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas, and Deion Sanders? Or, how about the New Orleans Saints' 1979 pick of Russell Erxleben, a kicker, with the 11th overall pick, ahead of players like Joe Montana?

You could also look at the Cleveland Browns back to back 1st overall busts of Tim Couch and Courtney Brown. You could stay in Ohio and take Akili Smith as well. Maybe you like the best salesman to ever enter the NFL, Brian Bosworth. Maybe you want to come back to Florida and select Florida State wide receiver Peter Warrick. One of my favorite names ever coming into the league, Jim Drunkenmiller, deserves some consideration.

What about Lam Jones, whose incredible speed made him the number two overall pick, but his lack of hands kept him from being anything but a track star. Then there's Lawrence Phillips, who probably should never have been drafted, but went sixth overall to the St. Louis Rams (ignore the fact that he played two games for the Dolphins in 1997).

Is your favorite bust on here? Who do you think it the worst of the worst? Let us know below.