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Miami Dolphins Player Who Needs A Big Offseason

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush needs to have a big offseason according to SB Nation.
Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush needs to have a big offseason according to SB Nation.

This time of year finds fans dreaming of what could be in the upcoming NFL season. This is also the time of year when players work toward bettering their previous year's performance, both through personal workout routines, and at organized team activities and minicamps. But, there are always some players who need a bigger offseason showing than others. According to SB Nation, there is a Miami Dolphins player who needs to have that big offseason this year.

According to Joel Thorman, the NFL Editor for, Miami running back Reggie Bush has something to prove this offseason. Justifying his selection of Bush, Thorman writes:

"Last year Reggie Bush put up career numbers with 1,086 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns. If the Dolphins are going to succeed, they'll need another big year from Bush. The problem is that Miami is tweaking its offense with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll now gone, the same offense in which Bush put up career numbers. The Dolphins job this offseason will be figuring out how best to use Bush in their new offense. He's a weapon, but you have to know how to use him."

I completely agree with Thorman on this point. Bush proved last year he could be a feature back in Daboll's offense under then head coach Tony Sparano. However, new-head coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman are coming in with a completely different style; the Dolphins are looking to become a pass-first, West Coast offense compared to the previous power running offense.

While there are parts of the WCO that Bush fits perfectly, he will need to prove his worth as a running threat in order to maintain his position as the starting running back. With sophomore Daniel Thomas looking to rebound after an injury filled 2011 campaign, and rookie Lamar Miller adding Bush's speed to Thomas' power, Bush could find himself on the outside looking in, especially when you consider this is the last year on his current contract.

Bush does need to have a strong offseason this year to cement his role within the new offense. But, with the work ethic he demonstrated last offseason, and Bush's already declared desire to win the rushing title, a big offseason is almost an expectation when it comes to Bush.