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2011 Miami Dolphins Season in Review: Week 3 at Cleveland Browns

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The Miami Dolphins went into Week 3 of the 2011 NFL Season looking for their first win of the season. The Dolphins would control the game for 59:17 of the allotted 60 minutes, letting the hometown Cleveland Browns escape with a 17-16 win.

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne continued to demonstrate his development during the game, going 19-for-29 for 255 yards, with a 1-1 touchdown to interception ratio. He finished the game with a 90.4 passer rating, and added an additional 26-yards on four rushing attempts.

Henne's one touchdown pass would come in the first quarter when he found rookie running back Daniel Thomas for a 10-yard touchdown. Thomas would lead the Dolphins in rushing during the Week 3 visit to the Browns, carrying the ball 23 times for 95-yards.

The Dolphins' defense, however, would continue their early season struggles. The team would only tally 42 tackles for the game, with no sacks and just two tackles for loss. The one highlight would come from rookie Jimmy Wilson, who would intercept McCoy on the Browns' first possession.

However, it would also be Wilson getting beat on the final touchdown from McCoy to Mohamed Massaquoi. Of the touchdown pass, McCoy would say:

"My best throw of the day. Mo did a nice job and got that guy [Wilson] to bite just a little bit. He wasn't that open, but in the NFL, when they're like that, you just gotta make a good throw. Mo did a great job of getting his feet in. It was a great feeling."

"That's what they have me out there for, to make plays in situations like that," Wilson said after the game. "I could have given up anything underneath, but I didn't get back there deep enough. I mistimed my jump. If I would have been back one more step, we wouldn't be talking about how we lost the game."

The Dolphins weren't done with the Browns' late touchdown, and attempted to drive back down the field. However, Henne's interception would come with 13-seconds remaining in the game, ending any hope at responding to the Browns.

"It starts with believing you can win," Henne said following the loss sending the Dolphins to 0-3. "We have to put the right mental attitude out there, knowing we are going to win. If you have the right attitude, you're more confident in yourself. We're going to find out what kind of team this is."

The Dolphins would travel west in Week 4 to visit the San Diego Chargers.