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Miami Dolphins Breakout Player of the Year Poll

Could Miami Dolphins H-back Charles Clay be the team's breakout player this year?
Could Miami Dolphins H-back Charles Clay be the team's breakout player this year?

A few days ago, we asked for nominees for the Miami Dolphins breakout player for this upcoming season. Below you will find the nominees, along with the write ups you provided, and a poll to vote for whomever you feel will be the team's new star.

This could either be a good player who will take that next step and become a household name, or a player most people don't know, who becaomes a solid contributor to the Dolphins in 2012.

Continue reading for the nominees and to vote:

Davone Bess - I felt he has been underutilized the past couple of years, and word is that he's becoming one of Matt Moore's favorite targets due to his reliability. It wouldn't surprise me if Bess leapfrogged Hartline (who has missed the entire offseason) and became the receiver closest to 1000 yards on our team (I'm projecting 500-700 to Chad Johnson). I'm getting mildly concerned about Hartline. (MartinH04)

Charles Clay - I think he will flourish in Philbins/Sherman 2TE base offense. He has good size, speed, and hands to be a real threat in the middle, plus he has the break away speed to out run most of the LBs in the seam. Plus several writers have mentioned that the QBs are making an effort to get him the ball A LOT. (kermit the frogger29)

Chris Clemons - As for the D, I do not expect Clemmons [sic] to be the Int machine we want, but I do feel like he will take the next step as far as being the QB on D that will allow others to do so, that is just as important. (dolphinfan4lyfe)

Karlos Dansby - I think KD thrives in this new scheme. I'm calling it right now, ifhe stays healthy he will be at the top of the league in tackles and I see a few pics, fumble recoveries and maybe a TD or two coming his way... If you're in an IDP Fantasy League like me, look for Dansby to be a hell of a choice at LB. (BSerious72)

Vontae Davis - I think there's a player being widely overlooked. Obviously our secondary needs someone to step up and make an impact felt by more than just the people on this site. We're getting mention for Reshad Jones, Jimmy Wilson and Sean Smith. With that said I would like to nominate Vontae Davis. The next step for the above mentioned three guys is to breakout on the team but Davis is ready to breakout on the entire league. Remember... Water covers about 70 percent of the planet. Vontae Davis covers the rest. (Ia Roc)

Anthony Fasano - I know he's already an accomplished player, but I think this offense is meant for him. He won't be blocking as much with an improved o-line so that means more passes going his way with his sure-hands. (Drumzan)

Clyde Gates - [T]o be honest [I]'m gonna really go out on a limb here and say [C]lyde [G]ates. [L]ast year they didn't really try to use him plus this was a throw to [B]marsh {Brandon Marshall] as much as possible offense. [I] think in [P]hilbins offense, if they can find a way to utilize [G]ates, he'll have a good year. [H]e's a burner but not as fast as [G]inn was. [B]ut still [I] see potential mainly in screens and shorts with [YAC] potential. (Nete88)

Brian Hartline - [C]an make some of the most difficult catches in the NFL and has very high yards per catch. (Drumzan)

John Jerry - John Jerry finally becomes a reliable guard. (BobLoblaw113)

Reshad Jones - Yeremiah Bell led the team in tackles four years running. Someone has to step into that role and it appears Jones has the ability to do so. The hybrid safety position that Jones will be manning this year seems well suited to his talents. While he won't be playing a true SS as Bell has in the past, there is still the chance for him to gain enough tackles to lead the team as Clemons (the likely starter at the other safety position) will probably play the safety valve with regards to deep coverage. The exciting thing about Jones is that he also posses big play ability that we haven't seen from Bell in years. Jones has a knack interceptions in a timely fashion. I could see Jones producing 95 tackles, 4 or 5 interceptions, and 4-5 sacks. That kind of output would certainly justify a breakout. (small balls)

Jonathan Martin - I think Martin instantly becomes a quality RT. (BobLoblaw113)

Koa Misi - Sometimes you see something in a player that you just really like, and I have always thought Misi is capable of being a very good player. I think he has already been good, but maybe in a new system, he can be a real asset to the team. I don't think he will necessarily put up the numbers and statistics that people get most excited about, but that doesn't mean he wont be more prominent as a key defensive player. A valuable team man. (sirdolphin)

Jared Odrick - [He] played well when he was in a reserve role and constantly got pressure on the QB. Now that we switched to a 4-3, it looks as though he'll play DE on 1st and 2nd downs and move into DT on 3rd down to allow another pass rusher, such as Vernon, to come in. Odrick will be getting alot of snaps. Judging by his play as a reserve player, I no doubt think he will be a solid starter on the Defensive line. (Kdog92)

Julius Pruitt - This may be just wishfull thinking but, James Pruitt. he could be just what this team needs on offensive. That James Jones burst of tallent. Who do you double cover ? If miami can come up with 4 above average recievers and a tight end. We could have a respectable season. (Dolfanjoe)

Sean Smith - I really think, with Kevin Coyle, who worked magic with the Cincinnati Bengals' secondary, Smith will rebound after a poor 2011 showing. The defense is, reportedly, shifting to a more man-to-man coverage scheme, and Smith will be the beneficiary of that, being able to use his size and strength to man-handle wide receivers at the line of scrimmage. I look for Smith to be able to make the jump from a solid coverage guy who can get beat at times, to a borderline Pro Bowler, able to shutdown a wide receiver for large portions of a game.

Olivier Vernon - Was one of my fav draft prospects this year. NFL fans will know his name very quickly. Dude's a beast. (Drumzan)

Cameron Wake - I think as a DE in a 4-3, with him being able to put his hand on the ground every down and not having to worry about dropping into coverage, he is going to have a big year. IMO, he is going to challenge for the NFL lead in sacks and reek havoc in the backfield. If Miami can find someone to rush opposite him, their Defense is going to be special. (ct1361)

Jimmy Wilson - If everything I've heard this offseason stands then hopefully he starts and dazzles. (JuniorCane)

Who do you pick? Vote below.