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Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin Requests Trade; Could Miami Dolphins Make a Play?

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Earlier today, an AP report stated that Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin has requested a trade. Speculation, according to an article on SB Nation's Daily Norseman, the Vikings blog, sources are already downplaying any chance that a trade involving Harvin would actually be made, and the consensus seems to be that Harvin is more upset about his contract than his role in the offense. Harvin is scheduled to make just under $3.5 million over the next two years.

Immediately upon this story breaking, the rumors of the Miami Dolphins being interested in Harvin began. The Dolphins have, at least on paper, a lackluster wide receiving corps, and could be looking to add a dynamic player - and a recognizable name - to the roster. However, the chance of Miami making this move are even smaller than the chances that Minnesota actuallt trades Harvin.

Harvin fills a very specific role on an offense. He is Davone Bess or Reggie Bush. He is someone the Dolphins already have. The team is not looking to add another slot type receiver. They need a number one wide out, not a number 2 or 3 option.

Harvin is not a target the Dolphins should be making a move to get.

Plus, the Vikings cannot afford to lose Harvin. This, ultimately, will be posturing by the wide out to try to get a new contract. Minnesota, who is looking to develop a young quarterback in Christian Ponder, and need to start winning now before Adrian Peterson hits his peak and begins to lose steam (assuming he can come back from his knee injury), cannot afford to lose a piece like Harvin. They will do everything in their power to keep him.

Don't get your hopes up of seeing Harvin in a Miami jersey.