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Time to Crown Tannehill -- Lauren Tannehill to Appear in Maxim


Despite all the debate, rhetoric, and speculation surrounding Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill, it's his wife, Lauren, who moves the meter. When she was on camera at the NFL Draft, seen in passing as Ryan was announced and walked on stage, it was Lauren who nearly broke Twitter, with over 800 Tweets in 10 minutes about the fairer of the Tannehills.

Now, Lauren is taking her husband's new team to the pages of Maxim magazine. Lauren's recently completed photo shoot, according to an story, featured a loot of aqua and orange, footballs, and Florida oranges.

The real question is, when will Lauren show up on the Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks season? And, how many appearances will she have?

You can check out a few of the photos of Lauren at Ultra Rigs & Roger Snider, with one of the photos below.

[Photo credit: Roger Snider via]