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Happy Father's Day From The Phinsider

I've sat here today trying to come up with the best way to put up a post wishing all of you dads out there a Happy Father's Day. Then our friend Austin, the XFINITY Sports guy made a series of Tweets listing his top five father/son combinations in sports, which I thought was a perfect method. So, here are his tweets, followed by some honorable mentions I would add to this list:

My honorable mentions:

  • Bobby Bowden with sons Terry, Tommy, and Jeff (Football coaches)
  • Mohammad Ali and daughter Laila (Boxing)
  • Mario Andretti with son Michael (Auto racing)
  • Michael Andretti with son Marco (Auto racing)
  • Joe Bryan with son Kobe (NBA players)
  • Cecil Fielder with son Prince (MLB)
  • Buddy Ryan with sons Rex and Rob (Football coaches)
  • Don Hasselbeck with sons Matt and Tim (NFL players)
  • Ray Boone with son Bob (MLB players)
  • Bob Boone with sons Brett and Aaron (MLB players)
  • Richard Petty with son Kyle (Auto racing)
  • Clay Matthews, Sr. with sons Clay Jr. and Bruce (NFL players)
  • Clay Matthews, Jr. with sons Clay III and Casey (NFL players)
  • Sandy Alomar with sons Sandy Jr. and Roberto (MLB players)
  • Kellen Winslow with son Kellen Jr.
  • Johnny Schleck with sons Frank and Andy (Cyclists)
  • Cal Ripken, Sr., with sons Cal Jr. and Billy (MLB players)
  • Manu Tuiasosopo with sons Marques and Matt (NFL/NFL./MLB)
  • Bold Rule with foal Secretariat (Horse racing)
  • Yao Zhiyuan with Yao Ming (Yao Ming's mother and wife both played Chinese baseketball as well) (Chinese Professional Basketball/NBA)

I think I'm out. What other father and son/daughter sports figures can you come up with?

And, of course: