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Saturday Night Random Live Thread:Top 100 Songs Of The 70's #93


This is one in a series of posts counting down the top 100 songs of the 70's. I will post one of these every night with the exception of Thursday, Fridays or if there is breaking Dolphins news until we reach number one. This is more or less a way for us to pass time on the site during the slow time of year. Besides the 70's were the greatest decade in music.

Now these are not songs from my list but an independent list ( who's rankings are based on initial and lasting popularity and acclaim from critics and fellow artist. Some of them I do not and you will not agree with and maybe that's the point of such lists. They create conversation's. Just like the list of all time great Dolphin players the number one selection is not going to surprise anyone but there will be, like with that other list, some surprises for some along the way and some others might just lead you to a new artist that you have long overlooked.

Remember this is an open thread and as such any subject is on the table outside of religion and politics. Please keep pics to a maximum of two per person and no GIF's in any of the live threads. Also try your best to keep things as close to PG as possible as we are on the front page.

Number 93 on our list is a huge hit from 1972 and is ranked the #72 greatest song of all time by Billboard. Released on December 2nd, 1972 it is Carly Simon's "Your So Vain". The song spent several weeks near the top of the charts including three weeks at number one. The song is controversial for the subject of the song. Simon claims that the song is about three different men from her days in LA but does admit that one of those three is in fact Warren Beatty. One person that was also speculated was Mick Jaggar. She has also confirmed that it was not in any way about Mick and he in fact contributed backing vocals to the song.